Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello Again

Hi all well this year has just gone by so quickly and im sure i dont need to remind any of you.

Well not to much happening in life right at the moment Ashleigh has been shoping for her yr 7 graduation dress lucky her dad took her he had the task this time, she managed to find something i am yet to see it though as it had to be altered will pick it up Tuesday.

Other than that i have been pretty quiet picked up some Kaiser craft wooden product to make gifts for crissy .

Went to the new Scrapbook city Shop and managed to spend more money on thing that i will use one day i promise myself. LOL.

Went out to dinner with the loverley Carol Lauren Ronnie Jen and Son we had a great time although Andrew was going to sleep on the table with the amount of chatter us girls were doing, it was funny the waiter asked him if he wanted to go sit on the lounge around the corner LOL.... We had a ball.

Have done some ATC's they were a lot of fun.

Well thats it for now will catch up again real soon i hope ..
I need to get a life so i have something to share with you all LOL LOL

xx Deb