Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a slack little blogger i am

I know its been so long since i have been here but here we go.

Had a few drama's of late my father in law passed away after a battle with cancer so that was a little hard to take but we are all getting back on track now.

My car decided it didnt want to play anymore and cost me a small packet so i guess it got word i wanted a new one and thought it would be pay back.
Never mind a new one is on the way very soon.

Kids are all doing fine as are the 2 grand daughters.
Little miss Bailey turning ONE already cheeky little thing she is.

Footy season is finally over and i can have a well deserved rest.
Saturday is presentation day so then i dont have to do any more for at least another 4mths.

Xmas is well on its way so i think i had better get moving on that one to.

Well until next time thanks for reading and chat again soon.



Ronnie said...

Hey- the Debster is back!! Oh how I have missed you.

Katie said...

Hi Deb!! Glad you updated, I still come and check in on you

Sandra said...

Hey Deb, we are both as slack as each other....
Good to see you back.