Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well today is my youngest son Ben's birthday and the first on that i have ever missed, he is 22 and now lives in perth due to football commitments.

Wow you dont realise how much you miss when they are not around. I called him to wish me a great and happy day sent him his gift last week so im hoping that he gets it today, as i checked and it wasnt there yesterday. Anyway i just thought id share seems a bit sad it and i am missing him.


Rachelle said...

Your Blog is looking great....it does take a little time - but hang in there it will all fall into place. Yes, that Sandra, has a bad habit of getting people to start blogs......I'll help you, she says and then before you know it you are hooked.
Happy birthday to you son too!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!

Sue's Blog said...

Happy birthday to Ben Debbie. I bet he is missing all of you today as well.

The lazy scrapper said...

now you just need a banner Deb.

Happy birthday to Ben.
Luv San

Brendy said...

Welcome Debbie to the land of blogging, when I seen your name I thought OMG got to go check this out! I have had mine for a year now and it gets easier :) good luck with it.
Take Care