Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scrapbook City is BACK

Wow after all this time the city is back. Well i guess it wasnt that long but seemed forever. But Just wanted to let you all know its up and running again. I think at this stage the Gallery is still down but the online shop and forum are working again come on back and visit with us.


Rachelle said...

It was great to catch up with you on Friday Deb. Thanks for looking after Mum - she needs it sometimes LOL.
See you at the next class.

The lazy scrapper said...

I agree, it was great to catch up and lovely to be able to have lunch together....and Yes THANK YOU so much for looking after me, you saved my butt, mind you I still forgot to put the materials list in the box, so they had to ring me for that, but a least they had the layout, thanks to you.... I owe you one.
BTW,,,,update your blog miss. LOL

Leone said...

Hey, time for an update!

I've tagged you too btw, have a look at my blog.